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All owners and/or residents considering any EXTERIOR alterations, modifications or changes, are required to obtain approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to commencement of work.

This would include, but not limited to the following; storm/security doors, patio enclosures, light fixtures, patio gates, decks, landscaping, central and window air conditioners, etc. ANY ITEM ON THE EXTERIOR OF A HOME OR LOT.

For common alterations, modifications or changes, please see the information below. If the alteration, modification or change is not listed, contact the community manager, Kevin Lavene at (720) 528-8557 for information.

Any exterior alterations not approved by the ACC, will result in a hearing before the Board of Directors and possible fines assessed due to non-compliance of the ACC guidelines.

Architectural Documents

Architectural Documents

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1031021321874 Rules & Regulations Rules & Regulations2744370 KBrules & regulations.pdf4/23/2019
2031020721874 ACC Request Form ACC Request Form819114 KBacc request form.pdf4/23/2019
3062511221874 Paint Information for Homes Painted in 2022 and Later Paint Information for Homes Painted in 2022 and Later5277203 KBsp2_schedule_and_colors_master_1-16-22.pdf1/21/2022
4062510521874 Paint Information for Homes Painted PRIOR to 2022 Paint Information for Homes Painted PRIOR to 2022209140 KBold_painting_information.pdf1/21/2022
5066412721874 Mulch Rotation Map Mulch Rotation Map172786 KBmulch_map_-_3_section_rotation.pdf5/18/2022