The Newsletter Task Force survey last month received a remarkably high return rate: nearly 30 percent of resident owners and renters surveyed responded. Thank you to everyone who took time to weigh in on paper or online – especially those who used the nifty QR code to access the survey!  

The Task Force is using these survey responses to identify ways to improve the newsletter, and communications generally. Everyone’s comments are also very helpful! Task Force Chair, Marilyn Bruce, presented the survey results to the board at its April 18 meeting and recommended next steps (see those below), on which the board will vote at its May meeting. Task Force Co-Chair is Anne Strand, and members are Susan Fornoff, Raina Brichetto, Barbara Childs, Susan Cowdin, Kathy Kron, and Sarah Peasley.

Here are the survey highlights:

  • Four out of five respondents consider the monthly newsletter their primary source of information about South Park II. Three out of five also find emails from the property manager helpful. Download graph 4.
  • Respondents were equally distributed across the neighborhood. Download graph 2 and graph 3
  • Nine out of ten respondents say they read the newsletter for board news, and more than half also find the newsletter a good source of information about upcoming events, community activities, neighborhood safety issues, and Littleton community events. Download graph 5.
  • Some respondents are under the mistaken impression that the HOA pays for cost of the newsletter. The HOA only pays for postage to mail it to all 548 units, as well as every off-site owner, each month. That costs us about $175 a month/ $.32 per household. The printer, Colorado LaserType, earns income from advertising in the newsletter and covers the cost of creating and printing the for us.  Download survey comments and answers to question 3 follow up.
  • Residents like receiving a hard copy of the newsletter in the mail. More than half said they would also be open to receiving an emailed link to view the newsletter on the website. Downlaod graph 6.
  • Comments suggest topics for future Newsletter articles, such as how Colorado law governs HOAs, including dues and how to evaluate information about the neighborhood on sites like NextDoor.
  • Some respondents would like to know more about board and committee actions. The Task Force will consider how the newsletter could provide this on a more regular basis.

Next steps? With board approval in May, the task force will continue its work and bring back to the board recommendations regarding:

  1. Newsletter content and design that is responsive to community interests.
  2. Process improvements for newsletter production, including establishing a community member or group to assist the property manager with collecting content and proofreading copy before it is sent to Colorado LaserType each month.
  3. Guidelines for newsletter content and formatting, in coordination with the capable designers at Colorado LaserType.
  4. Ways to reach and engage more community members through the newsletter, perhaps with regular newsletter features and links to the website, where more details would be available.